Leaving Mozilla

December 13, 2016

Last week I was in Hawaii for a Mozilla work week. I saw many great friends, but I also kept faintly recognizing people without remembering how I knew them. Sometimes I even thought I knew them from other parts of my life. It made me realize just how much Mozilla has become part of my life.

After 6 years (almost exactly, I joined December 19th, 2010), I have decided to leave Mozilla. I have learned and personally grown so much and I'm thankful for everyone I worked with. The developer tools team in particular taught me so much about how to work on a large team on an incredibly complex project.

But it's time for me to explore new challenges. I have many interests and I currently don't have time to indulge them. I'm incredibly excited and scared about the next step.

I will be starting my own contracting business and taking on work in January. Right now I'm most proficient at building frontends with React, but I'm familiar with backend technologies and even other languages like ClojureScript. If you need any work done and think I would be a good fit, please contact me at longster@gmail.com.