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Moving Breakpoints Intelligently

February 26, 2016
In most debuggers, a breakpoint will "slide" if the clicked line doesn't have any code. This is supposed to be a helpful feature, but it becomes **infuriating** if it behaves wrongly. In Firefox 46, we made our breakpoint sliding algorithm much more robust.

On the Road to Better Sourcemaps in the Firefox Developer Tools

January 11, 2016
In this post, I explain why it has taken so long to get the Firefox console sourcemapped. It requires an unobtrusive debug mode which is really hard to do, but we got it working. The console now has access to sourcemaps, so we are only one small step away from getting it working.

Moving to the Developer Tools Team

March 18, 2014
After 3 years at Mozilla, this week I'm joining the Firefox Developer Tools team. This will be a great fit for me, and I'm really excited to work with them and make our performance and debugger tools rock.