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Reflections on My Game Off Experience

December 10, 2012
After an intense few weeks building a multiplayer first person shooter on the web, I take a look at what I achieved and what I did wrong.

Making Web Games #5: Authoritative Server

November 26, 2012
Now that I have a multiplayer server working for my WebGL FPS, I improve it to become an "authoritative server". It runs client-side prediction and interpolation to keep gameplay smooth but reject any cheating.

Making Web Games #4: Multiplayer Networking

November 23, 2012
First person shooters aren't very fun unless you can play with other people. In this article I show how I implemented a basic multiplayer server for my game.

Making Web Games #3: 3d Engine

November 15, 2012

Game Off Update #1: Graphics

November 8, 2012